Mark is a nutrition, wellness and physiology expert with over 20 yrs of experience. He is an innovative out of the box thinker and constantly brings exciting and creative developments to the forefront of health and nutrition. His experience as an endurance athlete over many years has brought a lot of knowledge and guidance to the many amateur and professional athletes he works with on a daily basis.

Mark is the co-founder of 32Gi an energy supplement provider in the sports industry which focuses its brand around balanced and sustainable energy for endurance sports . Having a complete focus on health Mark has ensured the products are clean and provide only what they are intended to do as a supplement. The range is child and diabetic friendly.

In his spare time Mark educates and empowers people with the knowledge to lead healthy lifestyles.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Mark
    Would like to you more about racing nutrition for iron mans.
    I’m a fat adapted athlete and would know more what I need on race day. Then practice with it during training. I messed my Nutrtion at IMTX

    Thank you


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